Successful Goldsprints Roller Racing Events

The better question is how to throw a successful event since Goldsprints Roller Races should be treated like any other event. They need the proper planning, preparation, execution, and follow up.


The goal is to have a packed house, turning people away for your first event is ok. It may be hard to guess how many people show up to your event, so pick a smaller venue. For example 150 people in a venue that can accomodate 125 is better than 150 people in a venue that can accomodate 1000. Same number of attendees, but the smaller venue will "feel" like a better attendance.




Execution (Day of)

Assumption is the mother of all f*ck ups. Take that to heart, and check EVERYTHING.

Follow Up

Unless this is your last event, you want to make the people that didn't come regret it and want to come to the next event.