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Common Questions

1. Is product in stock?

Product availability constantly changes. If it is during the busy winter season, completed orders are the only way to reserve inventory.

Generally speaking we always keep inventory of the Electronics Kits, and it takes 3 business days for shipping in the USA, or 5-7 business days shipping before they reach international customs.

Rollers are made in small batches by Kreitler, while they do their best to keep an inventory, sometimes there is a production lead time -- especially in the winter.

2. Do you rent equipment?

We do not rent equipment, but if you contact us we might be able to refer you to an existing customer nearby.

3. Do you have a distributor in .... ?

We ship customer direct. We were able to lower our pricing by removing distributors and the price inflation they require.

4. Do you offer sponsorships or discounts?

We offer an industry discount on the Kreitler Rollers. You can also save 50% on the electronics by adding your own sweat equity to solder and test them.

If you create a viral video on youtube or vimeo that (1) clearly lets the user know that you used OpenSprints electronics and (2) has millions of views -- we would consider REFUNDING the cost of your electronics as a thank you for the product placement. This does not apply to Rollers.

5. I didn't get a receipt, can you send one?

Check your spam folder first. We use Paypal as our payment processor.

6. SilverSprints doesn't work with my [older] OpenSprints Hub, what can I do?

Fear not, there is an easy fix.

7. Where can I get SilverSprints Support or custom software quotes?

Contact Charlie Whitney at SilverSprints. Here is some of his work:

UD Cycling Classic from Red Paper Heart on Vimeo.


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