Goldsprints Roller Racing For Hire

Goldsprints Roller Racing is fun, a crowd pleaser, interactive, easy for anyone to try, has a small footprint -- and most people haven't seen it in person before. This makes it ideal for corporate events, fundraisers, bars, parties, trade shows, or other places with a crowd, looking to draw a crowd, or just looking to do something different.

More importantly, people expect to pay for entertainment. This could be you. To be truly successful, you need to treat this like any other business.

Market your brand.

The Basics: Create a logo/brand that is easy to screen print, setup your website, setup your social media sites, make some business cards.

First Event: The first event is critical, it shows people what you can do, and the proper documentation of that event will be used for media. Make sure that press releases are sent out before and after, that you have a professional For your first event, throw a big party, big, and make sure it is advertised beyond just your friends. On the day of the event make sure there are professional photographers and videographers on site. Sit down with a graphic designer before hand to figure out what shots you need.

Active Targeting: Start local. There are probably some sporty / hip / outdoorsy / party like businesses around you that don't even know goldsprints exists, but it would turn their run of the mill corporate mixer into the party that they talk about for years. Pick the company, then pick a champion in the company that can convince others, in most cases you only need one champion.

Treat this like a business.

If there is a challenge that groups have, it is that they don't treat it like a business. At the end of the night they split and drink away the proceeds. If this is a problem, find a partner that has a level head with money and put them in charge of the cash. The successful groups end up getting hired across states and countries.