Ordering Circuit Boards from barebonespcb.com

Anyone can take the photoplot (gerber) files generated from the OpenSprints CAD source files to basically any PCB production company (a.k.a. fab house) and order PCBs.

  1. One complete set of boards will cost ~$150 ordering by yourself, ordering a circuit board kits from OpenSprints is your cheapest options. Otherwise continue with these instructions.
  2. Download the most latest circuit boards design files from the barebones archives:
  3. You will have to place two separate orders. Visit barebonespcb.com upload each zip file separately, clearing browser cache in between each order.
  4. After uploading each zip file, you will need to fill out the following Design File Information (below) and get out your credit card.
Design File Information for Roller Sensor Board

X_Dimension: 1.4"

Y_Dimension: 2.0"

Filename: roller_sensor-Copper.pho; File Contents: Bottom Copper

Filename: roller_sensor-Edges_Pcb.pho; File Contents: Drawing/Other

Filename: roller_sensor.drl; File Contents: NC Drill

Filename: roller_sensor-Component.pho; File Contents: Top Copper

Design File Information for Interface Board

X_Dimension: 4.38"

Y_Dimension: 4.92"

Filename: interface_board-Edges_Pcb.pho; File Contents: Drawing/Other

Filename: interface_board-Copper.pho; File Contents: Bottom Copper

Filename: interface_board-Component.pho; File Contents: Top Copper

Filename: interface_board.drl; File Contents: NC Drill

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